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AR15 parts, Complete Ar15 Upper Recievers, or Custom Built Ar15 Uppers , all at Increditable Prices.  

 Custom builds now available with UTG Pro Super Slim free foating Rails Systems .  The ultimate experience in light weight and flexability of a rail syatem. 

Now available with custom built orders, upgrade to a Super Slim rail 

Buy AR15 Uppers, Parts, and Accessories at Sale Prices.  All American made and available for fast delivery throughout the USA.

Full line of AR-15 uppers custom built to your choice of caliber, units starting at $399.99  


AR15 Compelete Pistol Uppers

.204 complete uppers

6.5 Grendels complete uppers

Your AR15 is personal.  So personalize it!  At Custom Tactical Systems, we offer some of the finest, high quality AR15 upper receivers, parts, and accessories for your AR15 rifle.  CTS offers a wide selection of AR15 parts and accessories for the hunter and gun enthusiast, all made in the USA.  

In-stock complete AR15 uppers and parts available for immediate shipping.  Or Custom Build a complete AR-15 upper receiver to your specific design.

With great sale prices and delivery available throughout the United States, you can get what you want and have it delivered fast.

Fully assembled Upper recievers and parts available for .223/5.56, 7.62, 6.8 and the much sought after 300 Blackout.  Check our in-stock store 


Available Prodcuts: 

- Handguard                      - Barrel                        - Muzzle Breaks      

- Upper reciever                - Bolt Carrier Group    - Flash Hider

- Charge handle                - Gas Block                 - Gas Tubes



Your one stop online shop to customize your AR15 rifle.




Great dealer!

Custom Tactical Systems AR15 Custom Parts and Uppers offer American made custom AR15 parts and accessories at discount sale prices with many in stock firearm accessories available for fast shipping throughout the USA.

Great dealer, and a great price on a quality upper!

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